Geo Expertise is a non-profit organization governed by its own statutes and by articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. It is denominationally neutral. The headquarters of the association are in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

The association works towards the following goals :
  1. Promote the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as an essential decision-support tool in the following areas :
  1. Contribute to the collection of geographic databases and relevant information for making reasoned decisions in the aforementioned areas
  2. Contribute to the production of thematic maps
  3. Contribute to the publication of directories and statistical reports
  4. Contribute to the strengthening of NGOs and public and private bodies’ capacities through the development of appropriate GIS tools
  5. Encourage knowledge sharing and exchanges on the development of GIS tools and access to new information and communication technologies.
  1.2 The team The founders of Geo Expertise are     The members of the scientific committee are: