Our association offers you support in the execution of field surveys and the collection of geo-referenced data. We also offer:     Additionally, Geo Expertise works towards knowledge sharing and exchanges on the development of GIS tools and access to new information and
Produce a regional map of Syria Produce a regional map of Syria based on Eugen Wirth’s geographic maps (Published in his Syrian book, Eine geographische Landeskunde, 1971) This regional map will take into account the topographical, natural and environmental factors as well as the socio-cultural and economic characteristics of the Syrian space. Olof Palme International Tadir program & Arabe Reforme : Tahdir 
Training on:
Principles of water strategy in Syria.
The current status of water resources.
Water resources management: potential and challenges during and post conflict.
Syrian Civil Society Support Program Humanitarian aid in Syria is by far insufficient and widely considered a tragic failure. Humanitarian aid interventions carried out by international organizations are strongly hindered by a series of obstacles to reach the people in need of assistance. Syrian civil society organizations are some of the most capable bodies to operate in the country. Their work is largely unknown or ignored. Some organizations, mainly confessional charity associations, were created before the conflict; the large majority of these organizations were formed during the conflict. Their members (he or she) are physician, engineer, pharmacist, professor, student, nurse, lawyer, farmer, engine driver...https://www.scssp.org/en/home